Thursday, April 22, 2010

Redington awarded Student Library Research Award

The inaugural Student Library Research Award was presented  to James Redington during the Celebration of Student Research Conference at Shippensburg University, by Library Dept. Chair Prof. Berk Laite. Redington was chosen from the many students who submitted a student research project. All entries were judged by a panel of Library Faculty based on the best use of Library resources to complete the project.
James Redington, Biology/Secondary Ed., advised by Dr. William Patrie, was named the winner for his project “Determination of the Causal Agent of Rose Rosette Disease (RRD)” He will be awarded $100.
Three projects were given an Honorable Mention and their creators will receive $25.
  • Tim Adzima, Physics, advised by Dr. Majeed Abdurrahman, “Operator approach to the gluing theorem in string field theory.”
  • Ashley Martin and Nitasha Kaur, Biology, advised by Dr. Lucinda H. Elliot, “Elucidating the role of Atg5 autophagy protein in growth characteristics of SNB19 brain tumor cells.”
  • Carolynne Wooley, Psychology, advised by Dr. Scott Madey, “Relationship between college student health concerns and health anxieties.”
Nearly 400 students participated in the Celebration of Student Research Conference on April 20, 2010. The Library Research Award was developed in 2009 by the faculty and administration of the Ezra Lehman Memorial Library, in conjunction with the Public Services and Office of Sponsored Programs as well as the Council of Undergraduate Research.  The award recognizes outstanding or noteworthy use of library resources for a literature review component of research design and proposal for an undergraduate research grant.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Microsoft Surface Table on Display - April 16-23

Through the generosity of  Teknikos, Inc. the Library will have a Microsoft Surface Table on display for a week.  The Microsoft Surface Table is a revolutionary multi-touch computer that responds to natural hand gestures and real-world objects.   
The Surface Table will be in the lobby for public display and use April 16 through April 23, 2010. Contact Aaron Dobbs for information -  x1018.
Stop by and touch!

Joy of Art - Opening Reception

Joy of Art: Sketches by Mary A. B. Brindle, Opening Reception in LL106, Wednesday, April 12, 2010, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Works by Mary A. B. Brindle will be on display in the Lehman Library Gallery from April 12 to May 7th, 2010. Mary A. B. Brindle, an artist and a patron has continued to make art throughout her life, despite the obstacles of recovering from an illness that has left her bound to her wheelchair. Her work is a testament to the powerful impulse for art and the joy it brings to her audience. The show will include a series of sensitively drawn ink and pastel landscapes and still life’s.

What do Librarians do while you are on break?

Have you ever thought about what Librarians do when you aren't here? Most of us actually have lives. One of us is headed to Georgia for the break. Two of us are going to Italy. Several of us, though, have alter-egos. When you get back see if you can guess who these "Super-Librarians" are at work. By the way, have fun.

Ink & Bamboo

"Ink & Bamboo" by Professor Jan Ruby in the Main Gallery of Lehman Library. Professor Ruby spent a semester in Taiwan as a visiting professor at Taipei Municipal College. On exhibit are the numerous artworks she created while studying traditional Chinese painting tecniques. The work featured here is "Happy New Year" - a block print.

The Learning Center

Just geting started can make you crazy. Help is available! The Learning Center can assist you in every stage of the writing process - overcoming writer's block, generating a thesis, organizing ideas, citing sources, or discovering how to detect grammatical errors. For a well written paper, you might want to schedule 2 to 3 sessions to work through different stages of the writing process.

So don't get frustrated when you have your next writing assignment...visit the Learning Center to see how you can schedule an appointment today.

PA Museum Extension Project Display

You need to see this. There is a display of unique historical models outside the Learning Center. These projects were undertaken during the depression as a job stimulus package from Pres. Franklin Roosevelt. You won't believe the interesting things we have in the Ship Archives till you see them. For more information about this historic collection see - PA Museum Extension Project Display.

Did you get your M&Ms today?

Did you stop by the Ask Us Anything Desk today? If you didn't, you missed the free M&Ms. Stop by tomorrow and ask a question. There may be some M&Ms left for you. We will definitely have some answers.

Ask Us Anything

A Walk in Michaux Forest

Landscape photographs by Librarian Doug Cook are currently on display in the Library's Main Floor Gallery. The exhibit features photos taken in nearby Michaux Forest, many on the Appalachian Trail. If you can't get out to hike today, seeing these photos could be the next best thing.

If you've never hiked in Michaux, you can find more photos and ideas for hikes at Or check with Dr Cook.

Welcome Back!

I walked into the Library on the first day of classes to do my regular Tuesday shift, expecting to see no students in the building. But you were here...working away on the computers, talking to the library staff, and drinking Starbucks, just like you were in December. You Ship students are the best. Now come and ask us to help you with your library research. Email us at Ask Us Anything for help OR to make a personal appointment with one of us to help you do your library stuff.